Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dear Guns and Ammo magazine

I have two words for you:
Now fix it, or piss off.


Anonymous said...

The problem with 'friends' is they are right there behind you ... from which position it is easy to stick the knife in.
-Erik from Seattle

Anonymous said...

Speaking all of which, I still owe Savage a letter complaining about them selling a rifle I'd like to have with HS Precision stock as the only option. No sale, Savage!
-E from S

DaddyBear said...

And the readership of Guns and Ammo goes down another notch, which they most deservedly deserve.

Tam said...

I'm sure Petzal can come up with an impassioned defense of this Fuddery.

NotClauswitz said...

Dear Guns & Zumbo,

Please cancel my subscription and remit the unused portion to the Cato Fdn.