Saturday, November 2, 2013


Mrs/ Drang has a post up about the old Rainier Beer brewery in Seattle. (R-R-R-R-R-R-Rainier)

Now having grown up here, but having driven by the place on my way from Ft Lewis to see not-yet-Mrs. Drang, I was glad to see the sign back up.

Don't recall that I ever drank any Rainier.  But their commercials were a hoot and a half:

And my favorites:



greg said...

Yeah...the Rainer Draft Beer commercial, and the Iver's Acre's of Clams are two Northwest originals.

Anonymous said...

Drove by the sign today. So nice to see it back. Market the exit on the way to see grandma in my childhood, was disorienting to have it gone. Now maybe traffic and courtesy and ... naw, not as easy to bring back all the good ol' days features!
-Erik from Seattle

Brigid said...

I just about got run down by a herd of wild Rainiers in downtown Seattle during college, a promotion of some kind. I never tried the beer, but my Dad had some in the fridge on occasion or two.

Just got back from honeymoon, will be toasting, but not with Rainier.