Friday, December 13, 2013

Assorted Geekery

I don't usually purchase beer, wine, or hard liquor based solely on the label.  But sometimes a clever name or image on the label will induce me to look closer, and I'll then purchase it.

What geek could resist this beer?

A closer look at the label art:
Beer for warriors:
The "Khukuri" is a product of the UK, by the way...

Also, gun show tomorrow, so I decided I'd see what the ammo supply is like at local stores, so I'd know if any gun show "deals" really are.

Now, I'm not superstitious, but I will confess that I am as ready to jump on someone for "jinxing us" as the next guy.  Part of this stems from my Army days when, sure as shooting, some jackass would comment on how nice the weather was, and it would instantly turn to shit.  Or, they would complain about the weather, and it would turn shittier.  (We got rained on at Ft. Irwin and 29 Palms.  You think rain in the desert is a Good Thing? Try it when you're sleeping on the ground and living out of your rucksack...)

Conversely, if one everyone was truly prepared for crappy weather, it seemed like it would not appear. (Coincidence that"m posting this on Friday the Thirteenth...)

Anyway.  Last week I noticed that my nice rag wool, thinsulate, and gore-tex watchcap that I've had longer than I've known Mrs. Drang was falling apart.

And today I discovered that Sportsman's Warehouse now stocks Stormy Kromer caps.  At the risk of jinxing us, I will say that, now that I have a wool cap designed by a railroad engineer, and made in Ironwood, MI, it will probably never get below freezing here again...

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NotClauswitz said...

Rain in the Dez is great if you're dirtbike riding - all of a sudden you have velcro-traction, but otherwise it can kill you (flash-floods). I need a warm cap to cover my bare dome now that we're in semi-snow country.