Saturday, December 14, 2013


At the gun show today, we stopped by the GettingPrepped table, as Mrs. Drang is putting together a care package for a deployed troop and wanted some of the "no water required bath towels" they sell.

Well, their source for those seems to have dried up, so to speak, but they have a new product that truely falls into the "Why didn't I think of that?!" category.
The Simple Shower

Photos from Simple Shower's web page:

Pretty good flow.
While Fido may not seem to be enjoying his shower, he's probably happier with it than he would be from the garden hose...
$10.00.  Available from Amazon, or from several retailers local to us.  (Including Getting Prepped, obviously.) We bought one for each BOB.

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Coyote Vs ACME said...

Hehe, Love the fact that on the site, the doggies caption stated that he got a dog biscut after the pic was taken... Poor pup, he shouldve got at least a hamburger patty 8-P

Not sure I would want one for a BOB however, but in a SIP (Shelter In Place) situation where doing a SIP would be the best idea, it would come in handy.