Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bearcat gets her gun

Mentioned last month that Mrs. Drang had been looking at Star Model PD .45 ACP handguns.  They're nice and light, certainly lighter than her Star Firestar .40, and a little more compact than my Colt Combat Commander.

No PDs in sight at last weekend's gun show, but she did find nearly the same thing...

Star BKM, aluminum alloy framed 9MM; this is actually the gun the Star PD was designed after.  Being 9mm, it should be easier to shoot than the PD.

Unfortunately, there are fewer parts out there, compared to the PD.

It came with 2 mags, so we stopped next at one of the magazine vendors; an interesting contrast between what he had and what came with the gun:
The one with the steel follower came with the gun.  Not sure of brand of one with plastic follower...
A closer view:
Not sure it'll make a difference.  We'll see...

While the BKM, like the PD after it, is styled after the 1911, it is a little smaller. Here's a comparison between the BKM and my Combat Commander:

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