Sunday, December 22, 2013

Earworm 12/22/2013

Once again, for no discernible reason.

In college we used to hang out at the Fiddler's Green Pub and listen to Marty Burke* sing rebel songs, and whaling songs, and...  Well, whatever he felt like, but it suited us. Too bad Marty never cut an album "for sale", but somewhere I have some cassettes that were recorded live...

*The short bio at the link says Marty "knew Gordy Dickson and has been a GOH at many conventions over the years, as well as a Dorsai fan."  So, there we were,us and The Stilyagi Air Corps, and Marty says "Oh, look, another Science Fiction Author" and we yelled "Which one, Marty", cause we weren't attending meetings, and he says "Gordy" and I run back to the dorm to get my copy of "Naked To The Stars"...  Marty was the Guest of Honor at the very first FilkCon.

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