Friday, January 10, 2014

Guns, pipes, axes, and razors

Someone started a sort of a meme on about that.  In order to load the pics there, I had to have them hosted somewhere, and what the heck, I have this blog I haven't used in a week or so...
Colt Combat Commander, SOG Fusion tomahawk, William Henry Damascus folder,
Nording Danish Freehand, can of Frog Morton On The Bayou tobacco.
Who needs a razor?  I have tamahawks and knives!
Smith & Wesson 625-8 JM, Camillus Air Force Survival knife, Cold Steel Rifleman tomahawk,
Turkish meerschaum, Froggie On The Bayou.
Plus, there's always the Lumberjack Method, from the old song:
He never shaved his whiskers
From off his horny hide
He hit them with a hammer
And bit them off inside!

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