Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Never saw this one coming!

I don't think anyone did.  Good job maintaining secrecy on this one, Remington!

Remington Announces New R-51 Pistol - The Firearm Blog

Lots of pics and videos and things.  I'm hearing some criticism of the sights, but, hey, I'm an old 1911 guy from 'way back, these look usable to me...

Looks all sleek and smooth and curvy, so it may use the action of the original Model 51 -- which was designed by Pederson, and, I am told, used by no one else, ever -- but they implemented a lot of lessons learned in the modern concealed carry/defensive pistol.

Not sure I'm interested in a new pistola, in a new caliber, but the MSRP is only $389!

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Is She Dangerous said...

I can't wait for February 1, I really want to go check the R-51 out, I'm intrigued and you're right, really inexpensive price. This might have to be my new carry gun.