Saturday, February 8, 2014


UPDATE:  A couple of errors corrected.

Went out yesterday to test-shoot the Colt Rail Gun. (She talked me into it!)

First I attached the Official Crimson Trace Rail Master Green Laser Sight (CMR-203) I got at Gun Blogger Rendezvous last year.

I have to say I am not thoroughly thrilled with the way it attached, I feel it's a bit too far forward, but that may just be an aesthetic mater.  It works just fine, as we shall see...
Black plastic laser on a matte stainless 1911, just doesn't seem right, somehow...
I tried to mount it further back, but short of trimming away material, it just wouldn't fit.

The first mags were at 15 feet and were down to my usual barely adequate performance levels. Actually, the first targets were mostly trying to get a feel for the gun, and where the sights were regulated to.

Top target was a 6 O'clock hold, bottom one was 12.  (I got used to a 6 O'Clock hold with the Commander, using anything else is taking some getting used to.)

No champion shooters are metaphorically looking over their shoulders for me... Although...

I am not entirely unhappy with for a first time shooting the gun at 25 feet.  (Was adjusting to 1 O'clock, since I seem to be pulling to the left.)

And then I turned on the laser.  After trying to use the laser AND the iron sights, I shot one last magazine with just the laser, looking over the irons, ignoring them.

Alrighty then!

Odd angle seems to make the Commander larger than the GM...