Sunday, February 9, 2014


Out of a sense of solidarity with the rest of the country, Pugetopolis got snowed on last night; we here at Schloss Drang got about 4 inches.

I am hopeful that my Basic Handgun Fundamentals* class at the local MoD will not be canceled.

*I am also hopeful that it is not so basic and fundamental that I fall asleep or metamorphose into That Guy...


Brigid said...

Hope it goes as planned. Dad said he's had more snow at his place along the river than he's seen in years. Stay warm!

Drang said...

Everything was fine here. By afternoon it had warmed up and started raining, not supposed to get so cold it either freezes or starts snowing again. Things are far worse in the Portland/Vancouver area.

Class went well, I'll have a review up later.