Friday, May 16, 2014

The art of the headline

The Rumford Meteor strikes again!

Police Trace Gun Used By Marathon Bomber Back To Ore Smelted In Pennsylvania - The Rumford Meteor | The Rumford Meteor
PORTLAND, Maine — Following a Los Angeles Times report that the handgun used by suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev to shoot at pursuing police officers was funneled through “violent” gangs in Portland, the city’s police chief and a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent on Tuesday downplayed any link between “loosely affiliated criminal groups” in Portland and national gangs.
When my folks were living in Columbus, Ohio, after Dad retired from the police department, it seemed like every news report about a crime was somehow linked to Detroit. Because I-75, apparently.  (Even though I-75 runs through Dayton, about 50 miles west.)*

Being transplanted Wolverines, of course, Dad and I found this the source of endless amusement.  (Dad also liked to  point to the Ohio State posters in offices, which often had a sprig of buckeye branch depicted on them, and ask why they had a picture of a cannabis plant...?)

*The other explanation for anything going wrong was "West Virginians", apparently the cheap wetback labor of mid-Ohio.

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