Saturday, September 13, 2014

At The Fair

Went to the Washington State Fair, FKA The Puyallup, FKA The Western Washington State Fair.
First stop was the Fair Scone stand, I am told the one we went to was The Original.

Stop two, conveniently located across the way:
Later, we ran into Daddy Bear, who had inexplicably neglected to tell us he was in town:
We came back around and Mrs. Drang realized that an old friend was busy in the Fiber Arts Demo Spinning demonstration, where her (and Mrs. Drang's former) spinning guild was participating in the Sheep to Shawl competition.
Saw a lot of stuff. I paid too much for a decent IPA. Looked at a Ford Fiesta, and somehow resisted asking the rep if it came with a zebra head and a certificate for an amphibious landing. (Didn't even slow down walking by the Government Motors display...)

Biggest surprise was when we stopped to ask the folks from whom we bought some really great pots and pans a few years ago a question about care, and he spotted Mrs. Drang's "No on I594" button, turned off his PA/sound system, and started talking guns and politics.

We were both pretty worn  out by 5:30, so decided to pass on the usual Fair Food dinner and just get a pizza.

Traffic on the way home was, if anything, heavier than on the way there.  The monotony was broken up admiring the '69 Shelby Cobra Mustang stuck there with us. No pics, sorry.


Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good day out! :-)

D.W. Drang said...

My feet are still sore...