Saturday, September 6, 2014

Schloss Drang has been in quite a pickle...

OR: Garden 2014 progress report.

That's 8 pints of dills using a prepared mix we had, and 4 pints of grape & horseradish dills.
These are going to be sweet dills. Not sure how many pints. The recipe calls for 9 days of rinsing and soaking...
Until we get a proper pickling crock with lid and weight, a mason jar full of water on a plate will do.
4 more pints of pickled golden beets. There are also pickled carrots and radishes in the fridge.

That last pic also has some of the tomatoes I picked today. After taking these, I picked a handful more and a couple of more cucumbers; when Mrs. Drang got home from work, we went back out to inspect the garden and wound up picking some snap peas.

The pole bean vines look okay, producing so-so. The radishes we planted from seeds had almost a 100% germination rate, and may therefore have been too close together...
Peas. Carrots in front. Possibly same deal as radishes.
Cucumbers.  There's a soaker hose that runs along the raised beds below the plant frames; the green hose you see is capped, or attached to a sprinkler as conditions demand.
This photo shows the golden beet plants we planted from starts.  Hope we didn't plant them too close together.
 Roma tomatoes.  Lots of fruit, all green.  Apparently we've been over-watering.  We'll stop if the weather will...
 Grape tomatoes are doing well.  In fact, against all expectation, the hybrid plant we planted last year has started producing, too.

This was supposed to be broccoli.  Now, I'm not a gardener, but I suspect we'll be making sauerkraut... 

Also, the bell peppers are doing OK, so maybe some homemade salsa. (Which is about the only way I can stand bell peppers.)

Not pictured: The squash plants keep pretending to die and then putting out a blossom. Also, the strawberry plants started top die off, then started flourishing again last week, and have a few berries on them. So maybe my next batch of Strawberry Lemonade will have home-grown strawberries in it.

Source of raised bed kits, frames for pole beans and peas, and cucumber frames: Gardener's Supply Company. They also carry pickling crocks with lids and weights.

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Holy cow, that's quite a crop you've got there Farmer Drang.