Thursday, November 6, 2014

Coming Soon! Son of I-594!

So, it has already been confirmed that Bloomberg's Minions have started the process of pushing an I-594 clone in Nevada.

In the meantime, the mask comes off:
I thought Initiative 594 was a "common sense gun safety measure", not gun control!


So, they're not done, they plan on following I-594 up with further gun control laws. The only thing legislative proposal announced so far is a bill to make it a crime to leave a gun where a minor can access it, which ignores the fact that this is already covered under the states "reckless endangerment" law.

Statements made however, include (quoting from the last link above, which in turns is quoting from comments left to a Seattle Times story)
"What about the millions of guns already in the hands of private citizens? There needs to be an amnesty period for citizens to turn in their guns. A reasonable buy back price can be offered for the guns that are turned in. After that possession of guns should be punishable with jail sentence.
"...Gun laws won't work if they are aimed at limiting criminals because they will just ignore the law." {Duh. Thank you for supporting our point. DWD}
"...Gun laws need to be uniform throughout the country. Per-city or per-state laws banning guns will never work because our cities and states are not fenced in, and guns will flow in from other states. And the NRA will use such laws to ‘prove’ that gun laws don't reduce crime. The solution is to implement the same laws throughout the country.”
Based on that and on general RUMINT says we can expect to see in the near future:
  • "Assault weapon ban
  • "High capacity" assault magazine clip ban
  •  Safe storage laws, with strict liability. Goes hand in hand with the legislation announced above. Wouldn't be surprised if it included inspections.
Plus I anticipate:
  • "Buy-backs". Without an option.  And without collectors offering more than the State.
  • Open carry ban.
  • Training and qualification requirement for carry permit.
  • Medical/mental health checks for carry permits.
  • Ending of state preemption, leading to:
  • Restrictions on where you can carry/easing of "posting" requirement.
  • "Green" ammo requirements.
  •  Ranges and clubs being shut down -- already an issue in some areas.
  • An end to "gravel pit" shooting, i.e., shooting in a safe space on public (or private) land.
  •  Recent authorizations of SBRs and suppressors going away.
Now, the Washington State state legislature has always been a tough nut to crack for gun control, and if anything just got a little more "red", so they m,ay have a tough row to hoe.

But they have gazillions of bucks to spend, and a willingness to spend it, and the media moguls are on their side.

And your state in their sights, too.

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Anonymous said...

A protest is being organized on Facebook by gun owners upset that gun control measure I-594 passed. It will take place on Saturday, Dec. 13th at 11 a.m. in Olympia. So far, a whopping 3,700 have RSVP’d, with another 865 maybes. The rally information mentions transferring guns between each other – which would violate I-594. What do you think about this? Is this a good idea? Is civil disobedience the way to go in this situation? We are receiving mixed responses from our readers so far. Please leave your comments after this article and let us know. Click here for information on the protest.