Thursday, November 6, 2014

QOTD, I-594 Edition

Followed this link (Monopolies, Mercantilism, Illegal Buttons, and Saltpeter Men |*) on facespace to one of these new-fangeled podcast thingies -- don't partake, as I just don't do the things folks do where listening to podcasts would be appropriate --  because this salient quote was the lead-in:
An absurd law, precisely because it is absurd, will generate widespread contempt and noncompliance among the people. This makes enforcement difficult for a government, which can impose its will only through draconian measures. Laws may be humorous, but their enforcement rarely is.
George H. Smith
Seems that the crafters of law should keep this in mind.

*"George H. Smith offers a glance at a few economic regulations throughout history."

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