Saturday, February 7, 2015

And now, a word from NOAA

Seattle and Vicinity Severe Watches & Warnings

Special Statement
Statement as of 6:45 AM PST on February 07, 2015

...Heavy rainfall that began Wednesday night and that will continue today and later this weekend will cause an increased threat of landslides in western Washington...

Rainfall that began Wednesday night has increased soil moisture to moderate levels across western Washington. Heavy rainfall at times today and again Sunday night will put extra pressure on soil instability...leading to an increased threat of landslides.

With an elevated landslide threat...rainfall induced landslides are possible during bursts of intense rainfall or when there is heavy rainfall over a period of a day or two. A gradually diminishing threat of landslides will continue for several days after the rain ends. Areas most susceptible to landslides under these conditions are steep coastal Bluffs and other steep hillsides.

For more information about current conditions...visit www.Weather.Gov/ local Hydro info...and then scroll down for the links to the landslide threat pages.

To report landslides to the state for tabulation...go to the shallow landslide hazard map Page and click on the report a landslide link. A link to the shallow landslide hazard map can be found at www.Weather.Gov/ local Hydro info... and then scroll down to the Washington state landslide shallow landslide threat link.


This message was immediately preceeded by ths one:

Record Report
Statement as of 12:30 am PST on February 07, 2015

... Record daily maximum rainfall set at Seattle WFO yesterday...

 a record rainfall of 0.70 inches was set at Seattle WA WFO on Feb 6th. This breaks the old record of 0.66 set in 2005.
And both, in turn, were followed by this:
Public Information Statement Statement as of 1:30 PM PST on February 7, 2015
For the first month of 2015... January had below normal precipitation for much of Washington state. Only the coast and northeast had near normal precipitation... while the northwest interior had above normal rainfall. The water year continues to be near to above normal for all of Washington.

In western Washington... the monthly percentage of normal for precipitation ranged from 71 percent in the Olympics and Puget Sound lowlands to 121 percent in the northwest interior. The greatest amount of precipitation at the climate stations for the mountains... coast... and interior lowlands are 15.04 inches at Forks in the Olympics... 17.87 inches at Clearwater... and 12.42 inches at Grays River in the southwest interior.

For eastern Washington... the percentage of normal for precipitation ranged from 74 percent in the northeast region to 141 percent in the Palouse and Blue Mountains. The greatest amount of precipitation at climate stations for the mountains and lowlands was 7.26 inches at Stehekin on the east slopes of the Cascades... and 1.91 inches at Spokane in the northeast region.

The outlook for February and beyond... for the next two weeks the outlook is for near normal precipitation for Washington state. The monthly outlook for February is calling for above normal precipitation west of the Cascades with near normal precipitation east. The three month outlook from February to April is calling for below normal precipitation for all of Washington. 
Claims that BOTH record low precipitation AND record preceipitation and related flooding and landslides are due to "global warming" and/or Bush's fault in three, two, one...

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