Saturday, February 7, 2015

Earworm of the day, 02/07/2015, ISIS Edition

King Abdullah Told His Jet Pilots...

Someone, and I can't remember who, posted on Facebook that they found it odd that many were saying admiring things about King Abdullah of Jordan, what with him being the monarch of a country which "enforces Sharia Law"

First, I'm not certain just how strictly the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan enforces Sharia Law. While King Hussein did have four wives, but not all at once. 2 divorces, one wife died and he then remarried.  King Abdullah's mum was British, and Hussein's fourth wife was an American. Also, King Hussein was an avid amateur radio operator (JY1, sk) which probably doesn't violate Sharia Law, but doesn't sound like the sort of thing a fundamentalist would do.

Abdullah also gets a lot of respect because his position as an officer in the Jordanian Army (which is not actually called "The Arab Legion" in Arabic) was not a sinecure; he was trained at Sandhurst and Ft. Knox, was a qualified Cobra pilot, and when he was informed that he had been selected to succeed his father, passing over his uncle who was next in the lint of succession, he was at Ft Bragg, North Carolina, training with US Special Forces.

Nepotism may be able to make the king's son a major general, but it can't make US military personnel say "He's a very good jump master."

There's been some misinformation bandied about regarding King Abdulah, and I hope that, anywhere I have been guilty of same, I have posted corrections. He is not a qualified F16 pilot, so he probably hasn't been  actively participating in the airstrikes against ISIS/ISIL. As noted above, his mother was British, not American. I had herd that he was attending HALO School at Ft Bragg when he was notified that he had been tapped for the throne, but he may have already been HAO Qualified. (He said that his biggest regret at taking over was that he can't do free-fall jumps anymore...)

But let's face it: As a Head of State he's a bad-ass, and the contrast between him and our current Commander in Chief is night and day.

Plus, never forget this: We've been asking for over thirteen years now when a Muslim nation was going to take decisive action against Muslim terrorists. Now that we've got one, do we really want to act like we're too good to be on their side?

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