Saturday, September 12, 2015

Just to be clear...

Members of the ARI Fidenza will be activating special callsigns IO4ENG and IQ4FE during the 'Enigma Event'.
The Enigma Event consists of exchanging ham radio messages over the air encrypted with the Enigma code of WW II memory to commemorate its importance in the history of communications and encryption.
Isn't that special...?

Anyway, it is illegal for amateur radio operators to send messages that are encoded or encrypted. Maybe Europe has different rules. Maybe the Italians have different rules. A club member's daughter was an exchange student in Italy, and her host was an Italian amateur operator, and according to him, all Italian hams are military veterans. I dunno.

Anyway. Considering it's origins, I find "commemorating" the Enigma code to be a little...creepy.

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