Sunday, November 22, 2015

A couple more cool language links

The disappearance of the Trans- (or Mid-) Atlantic accent.
 Cool Video Reveals Why People in Old Movies Talked Funny | GOOD

As a "taught" (as opposed to "learned naturally") dialect, it was a now-obsolete version of "BBC English". (As opposed to the nearly-universal Mid-Western pronunciation used in American broadcasting today; when I was growing up, linguists said that the "average" American dialect was spoken in a suburb of Detroit. I guess that would mean I grew up speaking the US equivalent of Received Pronunciation...)

Beware of the video there finishing and then autoplaying into some progressive claptrap...

Also: Appalachian English - Maggie's Farm.

Again, these were both found on Instapundit, here and here.


Jerry The Geek said...

Funny and entertaining. Thanks for providing the link.

Thanks also for the warning about the follow-up video. I sometimes watch that kind of presentation for the amusement value, but one needs to be prepared and willing to accept the propagander, what?

Old NFO said...

Thanks, interesting to see how things have 'migrated' over the years... Part of this is the mobility of the population today...