Sunday, November 22, 2015

As a show of solidarity...

...with our Mid-western friends, we here in Pugetopolis are bracing for a bit of Global Warning ourselves:
Special Statement
Statement as of 12:46 PM PST on November 22, 2015
... Snow showers are possible in The Lowlands Tuesday and it will
become windy and cold around Bellingham and in the San Juans... 

A cold front will move through western Washington Monday afternoon
and evening. A cold upper level low pressure system will shift
over the region Monday night and Tuesday. This will cause the snow
level to drop to around 500 feet across western Washington late
Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Colder air will move down from British Columbia Tuesday morning.
This will further drop the snow level down to sea level in the
north part of western Washington. It will be windy across western
Whatcom County and in the San Juans with cold Fraser outflow.

Stay tuned to the latest forecasts at www.Weather.Gov or your
favorite news source.

Granted, compared to what folks back home anticipate on an annual basis, our cold snaps and snowy weather is pretty pathetic, but after the last year or two, I anticipate a great deal of angst over even just a few flakes.

So to speak.


NotClauswitz said...

hunk?We're even getting snow now in the Sierras, who'd a thunk??

NotClauswitz said...

Damn refresh crap split my sentence around.