Sunday, November 22, 2015

Well,that's annoying

Desktop was upgrading to Windows 10 as I left for work today.

Apparently, the upgrade went fine, except that, when we open Outlook now, any emails that had been left in an inbox (instead of being moved to a folder) have disappeared.

I can see the folders for the individual accounts in Windows Explorer, but Outlook says there are no emails for any of the .MSN accounts.(GMail, yes; MSN, no.)



Bear said...

Oh dear Bog, Drang. do not use Win 10, unless you absolutely need it for professional reasons.

Drang said...

It's doing OK on the laptops it came on.
I was able to delete the accounts and reinstall them, and the older, saved emails reloaded.

Bear said...

Well, so long as you aren't doing anything involving proprietary data, or personal or confidential information. I know of one healthcare company that not only forbids Win 10, but they blocked the Win 7/8 updates that try to backdoor some of Win 10's 'functionality' into those versions. They were afraid of HIPAA fines and lawsuits.