Saturday, March 4, 2017

Interview with local gun 'riter in... Forbes?

If 'Democracy Dies In Darkness,' Dave Workman Will Light A Torch With Gunpowder

Much truth here. The author obviously got to know Dave pretty well...
In the 1940's, Central Casting would have called Workman an “atmosphere” character for any newspaper newsroom scene. Today they wouldn’t even let his mustache in the door.

Workman is the type who only trips into a lyrical line out of sheer bluntness. He is after facts, not prose that paints a pretty picture or a witty line that would impress Maureen Dowd. After President Donald Trump’s speech before Congress, Workman wrote that a few Democrat’s “gave [Trump] a ‘thumbs down’ like privileged Romans motioned for the death of a gladiator at the Colosseum.” With Workman, even if you disagree with his conclusions, you always get the feeling he is trying to boil out the perfidy.


Anonymous said...

“A reporter who understands guns could put gun-control proponents, and especially any grand-standing politician, on the spot; make them justify what they're after by hitting them with questions based on statistical facts, rather than emotion.”

That's exactly what the media propaganda corps DOESN'T WANT. Mr. Workman talks like they actually are searching for the truth. HAH!

D.W. Drang said...

Not sure I really need to say it, but he does know better.