Thursday, March 9, 2017

NRA-ILA | Washington: Anti-Gun Bills Fail to Make Deadline

NRA-ILA | Washington: Anti-Gun Bills Fail to Make Deadline
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Today, at 5:00pm, marked the deadline for bills to be voted out of the House they originated in. As previously reported, two anti-gun bills your NRA-ILA has been actively opposing in Olympia were awaiting a vote on the House floor, however both of these bills failed to receive a vote before the cut-off and are likely defeated for the year.

The Substitute for House Bill 1122 would have required the locking up of one’s firearms or else they would potentially face reckless endangerment charges.  Further, under this bill the penalty for a reckless endangerment charge involving a gun storage violation would amount to a Class C Felony.  This intrusive government legislation invades people’s homes and forces them to render their firearms useless in a self-defense situation.

House Bill 1483, sponsored by state Representative Tana Senn, would have allowed for the destruction of all firearms confiscated by or forfeited to the Washington State Patrol.  Like other seized items, these firearms should be sold by law-enforcement to generate revenue instead of spending money to have them destroyed.

Also today, the Washington Senate passed SB 5536, sponsored by Senator Phil Fortunato, which would create a specialized National Rifle Association (NRA) license plate featuring the NRA logo. This legislation, which passed the Senate with a 30-19 vote, would also use proceeds from the NRA license plate to fund hunter education.  The NRA applauds the Senate for passing legislation that recognizes the Second Amendment and the importance of hunter education in Washington!

Thank you to NRA members and Second Amendment supporters for your active involvement in the legislative session.  Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for updates on other bills relating to the Second Amendment as the session continues in Olympia.
As for an NRA license plate, I'll pass on advertising that my car might have guns in it. It probably doesn't, if I've left it unattended, but the principle applies.

Also, why just the NRA? Why not the Second Amendment Fountation, or just the Second Amendment generally?

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