Monday, August 21, 2017

AAR, Great Eclipse of 2017

So, Drang, how was it?
Beats me.

Whaddaya mean, you're in the Pacific Northwest, totality, man!

Yeah, I'm 200 miles north of the totality zone, and, it was overcast this morning, and in my 'hood it was foggy.

It was light out, it got darker, and then it was light again.

Then the fog and the clouds cleared, and the sky turned that funky bloo color people are always on about. Plus, Yellow Sky Demon was still there.

So did anyone go blind?

Don't know yet. There were sure a lot of [people standing on sidewalks  staring at the clouds through cameras and things, so... maybe?

The Boss gave me crap when I posted the third "Eclipse Safety" briefing on the intranet last week; I pointed out that he might thank me when some idiot filed for disability after going blind.

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Old NFO said...

Heh, we went outside and 'watched' it get darker, then lighter, then went back to work.