Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Washington State Legislative ALERT!!! Olympia is consider a bill to release the names of all that turned their bump stocks in. 

Whatever you think about bump stocks, this is an outrageous violation of privacy. 

 Joe's Alert message below has been edited slightly for some typos and punctuation. 
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SENT: Wed 4/24/2019 2:25 AM
SUBJECT: GOAL Alert 2019-124 April 2019

Legislative Alert from Olympia

Last week we reported that a public records request had been submitted to the Washington State Patrol asking for the names and addresses of all of the individuals who turned in “bump stocks” and were compensated by the state. Under the current Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), this information MUST be released.

An emergency bill has been filed in Olympia to block this action for purposes of public safety. The bill is HB 2182, was filed by:

More than 25 years ago the Washington legislature followed the lead of several other states and restricted access to public records concerning concealed pistol licenses. Why give burglars a heads up of where to go “shopping,” or anti-gun activists the opportunity to publish lists of CPL holders as some have done in other states?

Bill text can be found

Again, a reasonable assumption can be made if an individual had a bump stock, he or she also possesses a firearm suitable for use with such a device. For those liberals who think this is a reasonable measure, ask them how they would feel about a public records release of the names of all women who received an abortion using public funding as is done in Washington under MEDICAID. Try that and watch the liberal rockets being fired!

YOU MUST TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TODAY IF THIS BILL IS TO MOVE. Again, the bill is HB 2182.It is imperative you contact YOUR state legislators today and ask them to support the bill. Your legislator is a liberal? Use the abortion example I cited above as an argument.

Contact information for your legislators may be found at When you insert your address, a box will pop up with links to your state Senator and two state Representatives. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and look in the “blue” Government pages in your telephone directory.

Timing is critical. One report indicates the WSP intends to release the information as early as tomorrow, Friday, even before the mandatory release deadline.

Will Democrat leadership in both the House and Senate act, and will Governor Inslee sign an emergency bill?

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