Saturday, April 25, 2020

Earworm, Antipodean edition

Mrs. Drang, former docent at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, is watching some Animal Planet show set at the Bronx Zoo, where they are dealing with a wallaby that some idiot had as a pet.

So, naturally...

Fav comment from YouTube:
Gary Chamberlain 4 months ago:
I got this song in my head Fred,
I got this song in my head,
It'll be there till I am dead Fred,
It'll be there till I am dead.

  1. This is the original version, with the politically incorrect, racially insensitive 4th verse. I don't have much use for political correctness, but that attitude towards Australia's Aborigine was reprehensible. (Yes, the song could just be saying "Lay them off as they have no further employment after I've snuffed it", but if the rumors I've heard of  "Abo Hunts" are true...)
  2. Apparently Mr. Harris had some rather unsavory habits, and was pretty much unpersoned. This is unfortunate, but doesn't change the fact that this is a fun song. 

This reminds me that I missed ANZAC Day.

Sorry, Mate.

And, ANZAC Day:

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