Saturday, March 27, 2010

Orygun CHL

So, Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County, Oregon, was at today's Fun Show processing applications for Oregon Concealed Handgun Licenses.

Now, Oregon is Shall Issue for residents, but may issue for non-residents, and they only if they live in an adjacent state.  So, if you want to defend yourself in the Beaver State and you're not from there, or from Washington, Idaho, Nevada, or California, forget it.

Furthermore, most counties in the state will not issue unless you're from a state adjacent to them--meaning that "inland" counties are a no go--and at least one "border" county will only issue to residents of counties adjacent to them.

Then, as Phil details here, Sheriff Palmer decided that he would take his show on the road and visit gun shows in "adjacent" states, and process applications there.  First was California, next was Washington.

Figuring that this would be a popular idea, Mrs. Drang and I dragged ourselves out of the house at an uncharacteristically early hour.   The line to get into the show was fairly long, (as they have been for every show since, about, oh, say, when some obscure Illinois Senator won the Democratic nomination for President.)  Being members of the Washington Arms Collectors in good standing, we did not have to stand in line, although since we both had bags we did have to make a stop at the security table, where I got to show off my 5.11 Discreet Carry sling bag.

Expecting a very ling line for the application process, we walked right by the table where Sheriff Palmer was set up, right inside the door.

Including reviewing the paperwork, taking photos, and being fingerprinted, I estimate the process took maybe half an hour.

Somewhere in the process, Sheriff Palmer, or one of his assistants, mentioned that they intend to be back for the next WAC show, which will be April 24-25.

The form.  (Some say "don't fill it out in advance"; we did, and had no problems, but I had extra blank copies, just in case.)
ID:  Two, one with photo.
Photocopy of the photo ID.  (We didn't do that, but the WAC members desk was making copies.)
Proof of Handgun Safety Training.  For example:
  • NRA Basic Pistol.  While we were there, Sheriff Palmer confirmed that instructor qualification would serve; a government official with common sense, I dunno about that...
  • Military or Law Enforcement Qualification.
  • Utah CHL Class paperwork, or equivalent.
  • State of Maryland Online Firearm Safety Course. This is nominally a 30 minute class on gun safety; I described it to Mrs. Drang as Gun Safety for Dummies, a digest of the NRA Home Firearm Safety Class.  Sheriff Palmer will accept the certificate of completion as proof of training.  
They do NOT need a photocopy of your current WA (CA, ID, NV) CPL, but the application paperwork does ask for the number, and for the name and telephone number of the agency that granted it.

Questions?  Grant County, OR, Sheriff's Office Contact Info.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Palmer is using the old fashioned ink and roller system to take prints; he is taking a collection to purchase a portable inkless (digital) fingerprint system.
Oregon Sheriff Palmer wants to issue you an OR state CCW Permit in CA!
Oregon Sheriff Palmer wants to issue you a non-resident CCW permit in Oregon, and he is going to come to CA to do it.  He needs your help, and CGN has stepped up in partnership with GUNPAL to make it happen. Palmer needs $12,000 to purchase a Portable LiveScan machine so he can show up at local CA gunshows and take your applications.   The law requires that this be done in person.
I have spoken with Palmer and he is one of the most pro-RKBA men I have ever met in law enforcement or indeed anywhere.
Please dig deep, and contribute whatever you can.  Donations to this project are NOT tax-deductible, will be routed through the County’s books, and any money in excess of the cost of the machine will be used on travel expenses.
Please donate via GUNPAL
Checks can be sent to:
Glenn County Sheriff’s Department
205 South Humbolt Street
Canyon City, Or. 97820
with a note for “fingerprint machine”
-Ben Cannon
Director, Calguns, Inc.
(From, via Phil @ RNS and Derek the Packing Rat.)

There was a donation/tip jar on the table; I threw in a sawbuck.

And a shoutout to Liberty News,who sat behind us at the Utah CHL class, and was in line behind us today.  Once is accident, twice is coincidence...


LibertyNews said...

Good to see you there. Now to check my sources to see where you'll be next weekend... ;)

D.W. Drang said...

Doing taxes...