Monday, March 19, 2012

Go Fly A Kite!

First full day of our annual anniversary trip, this year, we're back in Long Beach*.

Snowed on-and-off all morning, alternating with rain.  Mrs. Drang got several text message alerts cautioning her that transit service in Seattle was running late due to snow, so it doesn't look like we missed anything.  Didn't do much today, except walk the one block from the time share to the World Kite Museum.  (Fess up, now:  Did you know there was one?  If forced to guess, would you have placed it in Long Beach, WA?  Me neither.)

Mr. Drang took a bunch of pics of a bunch of colorful and clever kites.  I took a few on just one, with accessories:
Box kite from a WWII Aircrew Survival Kit, used to hoist antenna for the...
...the AN/CRT3 "Gibson Girl" survival radio.
(Rear view, showing hand crank.)

Top half of front face.

Bottom of front face.

Kite assembly instructions.

Top view, with instructions.

Bottom half of kite.  Note snap swivel used to attach lanyard;
two attachment points, depending on wind speed.

More at Wireless for the Warrior. Gibson Girl.

Seem to be a bunch of these, and ancillary gear, on eBay: gibson girl radio | eBay.

*Posts from previous trips here, here, here, here--BTW, the wine shop is gone--here, and a somewhat belated one, here.

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